“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


Tuscany & Florence


Faith, Fashion, Food & Fitness in Italy!

This year’s Luxury Wellness Weekend is truly not one to miss!

You’ll spend 5 nights and 6 extraordinary days surrounded by natural beauty, inspired by art, discovering the flavors and classic cuisine of the region all while offering you the space and time you need to understand healing and growth in a physical environment. You’ll study Biblical principles through experiences as you walk alongside other leading women of excellence. The Virtuous Living Team will support you through these experiences with Nichole as your guide to through the region, gently coaching you to dig deeper to uncover ways to nourish your mind, and body and spirit so you gain freedom and clarity on your health, relationships and your dreams. Connecting with other women of faith, in an environment designed for growth and refreshing will leave you transformed, with hearts healed, minds renewed and a body thats been revived.

If this is the type of transformational wellness experience you’ve been waiting for, say yes and register today.



  • Luxurious accommodations

  • Intimate coaching sessions with Nichole and other World-renowned speakers

  • Daily Fitness, Christian Yoga, meditation and breath-work

  • Sumptuous, gourmet organic cuisine

  • Shopping and Art Excursions

  • Wine Tasting & Olive Oil Experience

  • Spa treatment credit

  • Dedicated time for spiritual and personal growth & development

  • Individualized nutritional support

  • Fun Cooking class, Essential oil mentoring

  • Intimate, safe, supportive environment

  • Insider knowledge & High-End swag

  • and much more


We are thrilled to partner with amazing brands to bring you the very best for the Luxury Wellness Weekend!


3 Days, 2 Nights - Coming Spring 2018

Pause Trips



Lets assume that your life is crazy busy! You are only at the end of the first quarter, and already you're depleted, and feeling worried about the remainder of the year. This is when its critical that you PAUSE! Reset, recalibrate, and recommit your ways to the Lord. We'll drill down to help you develop strategies, and put structures in place that support you, while being embraced by supportive sisters. Leave refreshed, and reinvigorated as you move into the next season of purpose, on purpose! 



  • Luxury Accomodations and amenities
  • Organic meals and snacks
  • Time and space
  • Private and group coaching with Nichole
  • Rest, relaxation and engaging experiences.