Affiliates + Favorite Products

When I started this wellness journey, I had no idea that the products I used everyday were contributing to me being sick. So when I became clear on the companies that were committed to creating products designed to help, and not hurt, I was grateful for their efforts. I also decided to become one of those companies, and I'll continue  to share as much information as I can on the great ones. Full disclosure, I DO NOT promote products I haven't tried MYSELF. I feel that authenticity is critical in healing and I want you to understand that I not only support these brands, but have decided to be a distributor for them. This was not something they asked of me, it was a choice that I made because I saw the difference in quality, commitment to pure ingredients, and integrity within each brand. I look forward to adding more amazing brands to this list and to spreading more #Love.



Dr. Douillard's Lifespa 

I was introduced to Dr. John Douillard while I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a former Elite Athlete, he had a very unique perspective on health, breathing, healing and Ayurveda. While I don't personally adhere to the religious teachings of Ayurveda, the philosophy is a beautiful and simple one...breath brings life. I know this to be true, and would encourage you to look into some of the healing herbs and supplements he masterfully creates to add another layer of healing to your lifestyle. Dr. Douillard has products that add the beneficial elements of herbs grown around the world that can contribute to blood sugar stabilization, weight loss, cellular hydration, detoxification, thyroid health and much more.  




I learned about ID Life a little over 2 years ago. Simply put, the products are phenomenal. Exactly what the "on-the-go" family needs to keep kids healthy during sports seasons, and parents well supported with daily life. I am typically hyper- sensitive to products that have additives, preservatives and chemicals, so I don't consider using products often. The ID Nutrition had me feeling amazing, energized and fresh all day. They also were perfect take along for the kids after games, or in-between classes by giving them half of their daily requirement for fruits and veggies, and keeping them thoroughly hydrated with the product "Hydrate", made with Dehydrated coconut water and fruit for a great taste that kids love. Workouts are even more productive with the ID Life Pre and Post workout options, and you can't forget about the Vegan Protein Shakes... its delicious!

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Young Living

The health benefits of essential oils is without end. From clearing congestion, to soothing inflammation, and rehydrating skin and hair.

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