Virtuous Living


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Hey there,

I’m Nichole and I’m so glad you're here. I founded Virtuous Living® with a simple desire… to create spice blends that could physically heal my body after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. What I didn’t know was that God desired for me to heal in other ways. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, all of this was necessary for me to go to my next level...and now here we are. As a leading expert in the world of Nutritional Health and Wellness, I stand, gratefully and healthily! We're not simply a small organic spice company anymore. We are a wellness lifestyle brand that supports its tribe in their pursuit of growth, healing and wellness in all areas of their lives.

The truth is, I though I’d failed. We stopped selling spices, and I had to go back to school. The timing just wasn’t right, even after our products were "selling out" on the shelves of Whole Foods® and other amazing retailers. God knew that there was more work for me to do. More that I needed to be free from, a call that I needed to answer and more ways for me to be a blessing. A large portion of the information I needed came from the incomparable Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Learning over 100 different dietary theories, an exceptionally wide range of approaches to meet the individual needs of the women I coach, and more lifestyle integration and modifications than anyone could need to produce lasting change. I had the tools to help, but how? It took false starts, giant leaps of faith, and finally growing tired of hearing that it was time for me to pull it all together and offer it on a global scale. It was time to stop playing small and realize that what I had to offer could potentially change and heal lives. If you are brave enough to put your health and lifestyle first, to give yourself the attention and focus you deserve, and to live the life of your dreams, Virtuous Living is here for you!

Today I am proud to introduce you to the new Virtuous Living. A boutique luxury wellness brand rooted in faith, guided by excellence and produced in Love.